A message from us and April meeting plans

Dear all,

We'd like to say thank you to the teachers, staff, administration and families of our school community, who have so quickly pivoted from "normal" during these unprecedented times to assure the continuity of providing a quality education for our children through distance-learning.  Given challenging circumstances, issues inevitably arise, but by and large the effort has been successful due to so many good people stepping up to face the situation head-on together, with dedication, skill, caring, thoughtfulness, compassion, transparency and flexibility.

And further thanks to our students for remaining positive, open-minded and persevering to embrace a new way of learning while balancing such rapid change.  It is remarkable to see.

Finally, to remain connected in changing times, we still plan to hold our previously scheduled April 21st meeting with your local PTAC representatives, but will do so by inviting and hosting them virtually via Google Meet.  Please feel free to reach out to them at any time.  If needed, you can request their contact info. through your local school principal.  For your reference here is a link to our planned agenda of discussion topics, which also includes useful links to resources for our families.

We sincerely wish you and yours all the best.

Bryan Rivard
System-Wide PTAC Chairperson

Valerie Glynn
System-Wide PTAC Vice-Chairperson