Latest Updates: Herren Talks, Parent Choice Awards, Next Meeting

As winter break approaches, the System-Wide Parent Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC) of Wallingford schools wishes you and yours all the best this holiday season!  It's been a strong start to the school-year in PTAC areas of focus:

Every Middle and High School student (3000+) along with parents and community were invited to attend moving and impactful presentations by Chris Herren on his struggle with addiction.  The photo below is from the student presentation.
Photo credit courtesy "Herren Talks

More than 170 school district teachers and staff representing every school were recognized for their outstanding support of students and families last year during the annual Parent Choice Awards.  The word-cloud below highlights some of what families had to say about their nominee(s).

Finally, all are welcome at our final meeting of 2023 on Tuesday, December 19th to be held virtually via Google Meet at 6pm.  Please contact central office for the meeting link.  As always, thanks for your participation and support.

Bryan Rivard
PTAC Chairperson

Valerie Glynn
PTAC Vice Chairperson