Thank You Wallingford and Final 2018-2019 Meeting Minutes

We'd like to extend our deepest and heartfelt thank you to the Wallingford Community and families for contributing to the success of our students and schools throughout the 2018-2019 school year.   The collective benefit of your countless, sincere and selfless personal efforts, whether small or large, direct or indirect, have made an immeasurable difference to the future of our students and community.  So thank you again, and please have a wonderful summer.  We look forward to continued collaboration in the fall!

Also, for those who were unable to attend our May 21st meeting...
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Note: Parent Choice nominations are now closed and awards will be presented in the fall.

Bryan Rivard
System Wide Parent Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC) Chairperson

Scott Mowerson
PTAC Vice Chairperson