System-wide PTAC Representatives 2016-2017

Thank you to the 16-17 Representatives

PTAC Officers

Chairperson:  Tammy Raccio,

Vice chairperson:  Jonathan Chappell

Secretary: Kate O'Donnell

PTAC Representatives

High Schools

Lyman Hall- Steve Abati, Cheryl Wolansky

Mark T. Sheehan- Tami Sabo, Christine Mansfield

Middle Schools

Dag Hammarskjold-   Bill Jeffery, Julie Rogers

James H. Moran- Scott Mowerson

Elementary Schools

Cook Hill/ Parker Farms- Brian Rivard, Bill Roland

Highland/ Yalesville- Becca Carr

Moses Y. Beach- Marisa Ferraro

Rock Hill- Umera Raza

Pond Hill/ Stevens- Elise St. Pierre

Wlfd Education Assoc. & PPS 

WEA Rep- Kate O'Donnell

PPS PTAC rep- Jonathan Chappell