Budget Bullets

There's been plenty of details about the budget.  Here are some simple bullets to remember:
  • The Mayor did not fully fund BOE Sustained Services (in order to maintain what we have now)
  • The State of CT has not passed a budget identifying the funding Wlfd should get next year
  • Estimated State cuts to the Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) grant have been between $216K and $863K
  • The Mayor asked the TC to cut the BOE by $500,000 from his original budget April 1st anticipating cuts to ECS funds 
  • May 4th the Town Council did not cut the BOE budget and the Mayor's original budget was passed May 10th
This is the time the BOE decides who and what to cut for next year. Public comment is welcomed 5/16 or suggestions about budget reductions can be sent to suggestions@wallingfordschools.org