Town Contacts 2015

SW PTAC would like to express gratitude to Chet Miller for his years of service and we welcome Jean Pierre Bolat to the BOE to complete Mr. Miller's term.

Town of Wallingford Contacts 2015
Mayor William W. Dickinson, Jr.,
Town of Wallingford
45 South Main Street, Room 310
Fax: (203) 294-2073
Town Council
45 South Main Street, Room 220
Wallingford, CT 06492
Office Telephone(203)294-2155
Fax (203) 294-0180
Dr. Sal Menzo Superintendent of Schools 43 Hall Avenue
Wallingford, CT 06492
(203) 949-6500
Wallingford Board Of Education
43 Hall Avenue
Wallingford, CT 06492
(203) 949-6500

Town Council - Direct Contacts
Vincent Cervoni (R) Chair
203-284-1952 (H)
Cervoni Law Office, LLC 401 Center St.
Thomas Laffin (R) Vice Chair
203-265-1895 (H)
13 Field Drive

Craig C. Fishbein (R)

203-265-2895 (W)

Fishbein Law Firm, LLC 100 South Main Street
P.O. Box 363

John LeTourneau (R)
203-265-6066 (H)
203-269-2177 (W)
203-213-5732 (C)

3 Regent Court
Christine Mansfield (R)
29 Tammy Hill Road
Robert F. Parisi (R)
203-265-0431 (H)
203-605-8380 (C)

Larry Russo, Jr. (D)
203-265-5840 (H)
203-988-0051 (C)
200 Grieb Road
John J. Sullivan (D)
203-265-4412 (H)
62 Dutton Street
Vincent F. Testa, Jr.(D)
203-675-4079 (C)
74 Bull Avenue
Board of Education Direct Contacts
Roxane McKay, (R) Chair

294 Ivy Street
Michael J. Votto, (D) Secretary

377 N. Elm Street
Jay Cei (D)

15 Blossom Lane
Kathy Castelli (D)

9 Ashford Court
Joseph A. Marrone, (R) Vice Chair

49 Powers Road
 Michael Brooder (R)

349 East Main Street
Jean Pierre Bolat (R) 
59 Jodi Drive
Karen Hlavac (R)

85 Saw Mill Drive
Christopher K. Shortell (R)

1A Cassella Drive