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ECEC Final Report

ECEC Final Report - Spanish

ECEC Financial Implications

In Summary

On December 8, 2014 the Early Childhood Exploratory Committee’s report was presented to the BOE.  Shawn Parkhurst, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum presented the Final Report. 

The complete report is available at the first link above.  Two highlights noticed by the BOE members are worth summarizing. 
The BOE took notice of the additional curricular expectations since the State implemented the Common Core in 2010 (chart below is from page 11 of full report).

Additionally, the Board reviewed the number of Districts in the State that are transitioning or have transitioned to a Full Day Kindergarten Program in order to meet the Common Core requirements of students at the end of Kindergarten. The map below was utilized for this review (map below is from page 23 of full report).

It was noted the Common Core curricular requirements are no different for ½ day Kindergarten programs or full day Kindergarten programs.

Dr Menzo presented the Financial Implications of the recommendations from the Early Childhood Exploratory Committee’s report.  The complete report is available at the last link above. His analysis was driven by several factors including predicted kindergarten census data for next year and the annual reallocation of teachers based on population shifts.  Additionally, he presented variations of costs for teachers and paraprofessionals using different class sizes (these have been labeled colors Pink, Salmon, Purple & Blue).  The chart represents the options reviewed and the highlight represents the option the BOE took consensus on for budgetary development purposes.

There was much more discussion and the reports highlight many important issues related to Early Childhood Education in Wallingford.  Please take the time to read and review the reports.

Summarized by,
Tammy Raccio
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